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1/11/2015 2:54:17 PM

Ranking System/ Match fire teams with fire teams

It's tiring to have unbalanced matches 90% of the time. I just finished 4 matches where I was in a squad that did not stand a chance and thats just not fun. So please do what every 21st century studio should do and introduce a -blam!-ing ranking system for PVP based on the K/D, games played, you know it... There's more than enough examples out there, that you can copy. My second issue: More often than not, I play against fire teams and that annoys the -blam!- out of me. You don't stop bragging about the millions that play Destiny, so I am assuming there's ALWAYS equal-sized fire teams looking for a PVP match. So why don't you set the rule that 2-player-fireteams can only enter a game with an opposite 2-player-fireteam in it and so on? Whats so hard about a fair matchmaking for PVP? Even a 2 player fire team thats somewhat decent will destroy in PVP, when the other team consists of 6 individuals that go chasing off in every possible direction. I am tired of both, so do everyone a favor and implement these two simple measures. You focus so much on PVP, so at least TRY to balance it for a change.



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