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1/9/2015 7:24:16 AM

ERROR CODE: weasel - This Error Has Broken My Game!

I see error codes all the time


I usually see an error code a few times a day


I get maybe 1 error code a day


I've been playing Destiny since day 1 and, like everyone else, I get error messages every now and again. However, since Christmas I have literally been unable to play Destiny at all because of "weasel." This code pops up everywhere for me; I'm doing a nightfall, weasel. I'm doing a strike, weasel. I'm doing a raid, weasel. I'm playing crucible, weasel. I'm in the tower, weasel. I'm in orbit, weasel. I try to select my character, weasel. It has gotten to the point where I cannot see my ship anymore. I have done everything possible to try and fix your error code including; port forwarding, MTU value changes, DMZ hosting, DHCP-reservation, DNS changes, and even replacing my router. I have ran out of options. My ISP hears the name Destiny and every support operator's reaction is, "Oh, yeah. Destiny. People have problems with Destiny." Please fix a game I can't even play and paid full price for. This is embarrassing and frustrating. Anyone who has seen error code "weasel", "caterpillar", "cattle", "marionberry", "bee", etc. and have found a solution that worked for you, please feel free to share, it will help the entire community, I'm sure.



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  • I feel your pain...I've sent 2 emails to bungie support in 7 days hoping to find someone who truly cares and can just give me an explanation. I think it has something to do with the new Dark Below DLC. Speaking for myself my 'caterpillar' problems started since the download. I've deleted and reinstalled the joy.....The website suggested to recalibrate my NAT...not only did it NOT work but it screws with the internet with other devices. So not to turn this into a gripe session but I'm done. I'm out approximately $70 with game and expansion. I wish you guys all the luck and hope you have better success.



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