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1/9/2015 7:24:16 AM

ERROR CODE: weasel - This Error Has Broken My Game!

I see error codes all the time


I usually see an error code a few times a day


I get maybe 1 error code a day


I've been playing Destiny since day 1 and, like everyone else, I get error messages every now and again. However, since Christmas I have literally been unable to play Destiny at all because of "weasel." This code pops up everywhere for me; I'm doing a nightfall, weasel. I'm doing a strike, weasel. I'm doing a raid, weasel. I'm playing crucible, weasel. I'm in the tower, weasel. I'm in orbit, weasel. I try to select my character, weasel. It has gotten to the point where I cannot see my ship anymore. I have done everything possible to try and fix your error code including; port forwarding, MTU value changes, DMZ hosting, DHCP-reservation, DNS changes, and even replacing my router. I have ran out of options. My ISP hears the name Destiny and every support operator's reaction is, "Oh, yeah. Destiny. People have problems with Destiny." Please fix a game I can't even play and paid full price for. This is embarrassing and frustrating. Anyone who has seen error code "weasel", "caterpillar", "cattle", "marionberry", "bee", etc. and have found a solution that worked for you, please feel free to share, it will help the entire community, I'm sure.



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