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1/8/2015 6:30:52 PM

Ideas for loot system.

I wanna start off by saying that this is in no way a negative post. I love destiny and i do not mind the way the loot system is right now. RNG has been good to me and I have been able to work around items that have been elusive to me in the past. That's what you are supposed to do in this game or else you lose your mind, as so many have on these forums. Destiny loot is almost all RNG. From what I've seen, Xur is RNG, Strike playlists are RNG, the chance of anything dropping a Legendary engram is RNG, and what that engram becomes is RNG. This is ok, because it has a high excitement factor when you finally do see yellow lettering in the lower left of your screen after downing a strike boss or a purple shiny orb rolling down the hill towards you. But it is very frustrating as well. Especially when you decrypt that orb into 2 ascendant shards you have no use for anymore. There have been many suggestions as to how to change this and how to fix that to make everything work how they want it to. But most of them usually end up with stuff like "give me a gjallarhorn everytime i do something cool!" or "im good at crucible! Lemme get an exotic everytime i win!" which is just the easy way out. I've put a lot of thought into this recently and figured I'd throw my ideas out there. Sorry if I post some things that have already been posted. I'm honestly going to only say things ive never seen on here before, but i could have missed some things so i apologize in advance. First off Destiny already has a really good base for an ascending loot table. You can play almost any story mission at several different level tiers. Normal 6, heroic 9, then 12, then 15, then 20, 22, 24, etc. We've all seen it. Problem: There is the same chance of any mob dropping a legendary engram on any of these level settings. The main difference in these tiers, other than the level obviously, is the number of majors (the ones with the yellow bars that are harder to kill). And these guys don't even have a higher chance of dropping better orbs (as far as i can tell, could be wrong). The only thing different that they drop are 2 consumables with an emphasis on glimmer. I'll get into glimmer a little later. Solution: With an increase in level and Majors, comes an increase in difficulty. With an increase in difficulty should come an increase in loot or quality of loot. Playing on normal should never yield a legendary. For all I care, until the heroic hits 17, they shouldn't even drop blues. They should still be dropping white orbs and green engrams. Once it hits 20 then legendarys should come into play, and they really should only drop from Majors or Ultras. For each tier past 20, the percentage chance for a legendary engram should increase slightly. I also think they should throw in modifiers the higher it goes as well, due to the increased chance of getting legendaries. These engrams should remain as shitty as they are now, but due to the increased drop rates foe higher levels it will be less upsetting. Secondly, there should be set loot drops, not just engrams, across missions and strikes as well. Think about Hard VoG for example. The only way to get Fatebringer is by playin Hard VoG and defeating the Templar. The only way to get the Vex is to beat Atheon on Hard. If you incorporate this into strikes or missions it would be awesome. Example being, the Vanguard AR, Up For Anything can only be acquired right now through the Vanguard QM, from levelling your Vanguard or from an Engram. If they made it a possible drop from the Archon Priest in the Winters Run strike, you could just run that strike over and over until it drops. You know it drops from that boss so if that is the weapon you want, you can grind that boss for it. This takes the RNG out of the picture a bit. It will still be a low chance of getting it so it could take a long long time, however eventually it will drop and you will have it. On top of that, when it drops it can have completely randomized perks. Therefore allowing you to continue grinding until you get the perks you want. Having a set item droppable by a certain mob on a certain mission or strike adds a lot of replay value and grinding aspect to that mission or strike. Allowing you to work for something you want and continue to work towards having it specced the way you want it. To piggyback on my last note, daily or weekly refreshes on the vanguard, factions and crucible QM would be an amazing addition. Right now there are several great guns at the QM's that just have shit perks. if the perks rerolled every week then there would be more people in the strike playlists maxing out their marks. Also, the ability to reroll and reset the guns you have already would be pretty awesome. The IB has already introduced us to this, but why could we not just do this with other legendaries as well? I guess I can see it adding value and a desire to do IB more because you have to play IB to get IB guns. But being able to reroll weapons would be very convenient, especially now with how rare legendary engrams have become. Now on to Crucible. Everyone has seen that guy who went negative on the losing team get an exotic. Its kind of ridonculous and really takes away from the idea of "earning" the awesome stuff that you get. It doesn't bother me that much, however, i've seen many a thread thrown on here complaining about situations like this. So here are some of my suggestions. Crucible can be tricky. There are obviously some very skilled PVPers out there aho pretty much win any game they play because they are just that good. While others just arent. On top of this, Crucible games are different everytime. So bear (bare? Idk) with me here. Obviously the winning team should get the first incentives. However I've seen many teams win due to one person going hame and everyone else kinda just throwin in their two cents here and there. I've also seen a losing team have the best player in the game with them but due to a poor performance from everyone else, they still lose. I think K/D and number of kills should be taken into account. However someone who goes 1 and 0 will have the same KD as someone who went 42 and 42. And some could argue that anyone who dies 42 times can get 42 kills as well. So what if the top 3 players on the winning team have X% chance of getting an exotic or legendary? And the top player gets the same chance regardless of whether they were on the winning team or not? Of course following an objective, like control, would carry a lot of weight as well. Even if they just tooke exotics or legendaries away from the losing team as a possibility then there would be more incentive to win the matches therefore increasing competitive play in crucible. The only qualm I have with this game is that there isn't a whole lot of rewarding skill. Other than that I love this game. I see it as the first of it's kind. They muffed the story, they've hit a lot of bumps in the road, but they are obviously actively trying to improve their game and the experience for the players and whether it happens now or when Destiny 2 happens, this game will only get better over time and I'll be along for the ride. 100% guaranteed. Hope yall enjoyed my suggestions. Add to it if you have something better!!



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