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1/3/2015 11:44:43 PM

My Feedback for Bungie

Bugs I've encountered: -Ship flies into earth while navigation is set to moon. (In some cases) -Precision kills, ability kills, and orbs stay at 0 on the score board after completing story missions (they don't add up) -Player and weapon images disappear and don't load from the character tab in the menu while ship is flying to different locations (while game is loading) Suggestions I have: -Crucible: -There needs to be a competitive Playlist that doesn't allow supers, shotguns, and fusion rifles. (Basically what im saying is to find a way to make it work) I was just in a crucible game and was one-shot by non-stop fusion rifles. You want the game well-balanced right? Crucible certainly is not. -Different (new) gametypes. Control is old and boring, you can win the game if all you do is kill and hold down one base. Capturing a base and killing a guardian has no difference. If the game type is specified to control, that's how it has to be played, but it's not. Capture the flag would be fun I think, but for a next-gen game bungie, there needs to be well thought playlists that are fun to play and made up by YOU, that way when PvE players are doing exotic bounties, it won't actually be the end of the world when they get to the crucible part of the bounty. -Vanguard Strikes- -Maximum players needs to be increased to at least 4. I know it, you know it, they know it. I have more than two friends that I would like to strike with at a time. -Prevent players from running through strikes. Again, I know it, you know it, they know it. -Fix the random sequence to not allow the game to feed you the same strike twice in a row, that causes players to quit, which causes other players to be unhappy. Bungie considers this game to be next-gen, and in some aspects they're right. But there's definitely some things that have to be looked at more throughly, and that's why I'm giving you my feedback without trying to be a total douche. It is your guys choice to decide whether to even read my post and consider these suggestions and fix the bugs. But in the end it's whether or not you're truly dedicated to what you do and strive to make the best game for your fans. Now I am in no way asking you to dramatically change the game, these are just simple things that I think most players on destiny would agree with. I believe you will listen, please don't let me down.



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