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hi evry1 im Kaitlin

I'm Kaitlin:) 13 years young :D (Am I the only one that hates when people say they're whatever years young?) I'm emo ♥ I enjoy scratching people's names into my arms:) that's why I give tattoos ;D nahh jk >;D so yea hey! just to let ya know, I don't deal with drama or shit like that! I hate preps! >:O so NO MORE PREPS ADD ME ON FACEBOOK! or you will DIE! >:D jk ;) haha ummmm....I'm funny, perverted, flirty, retarted (mentally) hehe, random, and sometimes nice :3 I love meeting new people but I'm not a people person :L just sayin. Yes I'm a flirt! so if I flirt with you, it doesn't mean I want to -blam!- you :) ok?! I wanna be an emo site model♥ "emo" and "scene" kidz are awesome and HOT! ;D♥ are you calling me bi? haha I kinda am, but I'm not sure! I love guys WAY more than girls ♥ Honestly I would never date a girl, I would just call one hot :3 there's that. I love the Black Veil Brides!♥ Andrew Biersack is MINE BITCHES!:D♥ I love screamo, rock, some rap, and metal-rock:)



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