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Space Whaleにより編集済み: 12/15/2014 11:08:45 PM

Where Ether Whales Dare

It's slowing outside, but rumbwhaling sound Of questions roaring in the night The mission is near, the confident animals Are waiting to drop from the sky The operation goes on, and still they must fly "No one should go where ether whales dare!" Barbarian pouts displayed all around They seem to stare from below The enemy lines a long time passed "You're lying!" deep in the show Into the night they fall through the sky "No one should fly where ether whales dare!" They're closing in, their porpoise is clear It's no time to be shy The able stars, the only ones in It's whaley impossibwhale to time They make their way but maybe too late They've got to try to save the day The panicking cries, the roaring of puns Are echoing all round the finale The mission complete, they make to escape Away from the ether whale's nest They dared to go, where no one would try They chose to fly where ether whales dare!



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