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New Malice (Recruiting for Xbox One)

[u]_____________________________________[/u][b] New Malice [/b][u]_____________________________________[/u] [b][u]ABOUT THE TEAM:[/u][/b] New Malice is recruiting 4 players[b][i] just in time for the new DLC, The Dark Below[/i][/b] into the clan to make up a full raid team. Currently there are 2 active members; RaSuRs(me/leader) and Jay Prison. We are a brand new clan to Destiny and hope to recruit some people we can really get along with to build team chemistry and friendships with one another so that we an do Raids, Strikes, Weekly Heroics and Daily Heroics together as a team with whichever one of us is available. [b][u]WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR[/u][/b]: Anyone that is/has... - A level 27 and above ! - A microphone and knows how to use it (Communicates/Calls out) - Weapons of Legendary rarity (Primary and/or Special Weapons; At least one fully upgraded) - The Dark Below Expansion I downloaded or has plans to in the near, near, (very) near future - A love [i]and[/i] commitment to Destiny [b][u]TIMES AVAILABLE[/u][/b]: RaSuRs and Jay Prison, the original members for the team are both college students so time management is something any joining members will have to take into account. If you would like to join New Malice, send me a friend request and a message saying so to the gamertag "RaSuRs" and we can start talking and see if we're a group that fits your play-style.(We have a youtube channel. But no Destiny content. That[i] will [/i]change...)



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