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VyersReaverにより編集済み: 12/4/2014 12:45:49 PM

To PS owners: Mates, we are screwed.

As tendency goes, Xur has an inventory, that is spread out across all platforms. With new change to Xur that makes him upgrade our exotics, that made me thinking. Will Hawkmoon/Monte Carlo ever make it to his stocks of upgradables? Or these sought after guns will become obsolete until Fall 2015? I won't even start on progression reset, there are a lot of threads out there on this. Feel free to express your thoughts. Edit: Just watched Planet Destiny video on upgrading exotics, and let me say: it's not reassuring. It works like this: there are 6 armor pieces (2 for each class) and 6 weapons each week for upgrade. They don't depend on what is in your inventory, and they change from week to week, like Xurs normal stock.



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