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オリジナルの投稿元:The Tuesday Raiders
Chase により編集済み: 11/26/2014 7:51:42 PM

I'm Proud to Present, The new Bitches in Town

With astounding prowess, I introduce the members of [u][i][b]The Tuesday Raiders[/b][/i][/u] 1. Pirate-47 2. LC-DivineAngel 3. Gumbo88 4. xAzTig_Lankie18x 5. EastCoastPnoy 6. lncogkneegr0w 7. BrockLee1992 8. xTHANATOSxDEATHx 9. elroybailey These fine soldiers, if you one day meet them (and let's hope you don't.) They will without mercy kick your ass. [u][/u] [b][/b] [u][/u]



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