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11/24/2014 3:26:46 AM

An honest worry I have over expansion 1

Greetings Programs, I'm here to speak to you about a worry I have over Expansion 1. This may not come to pass, and as no information is usually given by Bungie on such things I can accept the fact that I may be entirely wrong in even considering this. That said, I am worried over the state of current gear in the game when the maximum light level is increased. What I mean is when I am level 30 now, I can use an exotic chest, arm, or helmet in order to supplement my non-desire to look like a vex( Or merely to benefit from the perks of the exotic). These exotics give me 30 light total when I put the time and effort into them. When the light level is increased, do my current exotics still only give 30 light? Meaning, in essence, they become obsolete and I must grind out or luck out in obtaining the newly added pieces. Or, as I sincerely hope, do they also get an increase in light in order to accommodate those Guardians amongst us who genuinely enjoy their playstyles, perks, or just how incredible some of the pieces look? TLDR: I'm worried current exotics become obsolete as they'll be useless in getting a player to end-game light levels in expansion 1 and beyond.



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