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I think religious topics should be banned in

In everyone of these threads people end up just wasting Bungie's server space. I think Ninjas should start deleting and banning people who post religious threads because it never goes anywhere. It always devolves into an argument over evolution or something scientific then somebody says this: [url][/url] Then all hell is unleashed, people are stoned, feelings are hurt, crucifixion, jihad, ass devestation, etc. You get the point right? It never creates anything discussion worthy. [quote]You know you could just hide the thread right?[/quote] That's not the point I'm making really. For me, I can hide the thread, but for a newcomer from Destiny just visiting the site and is interested in joining the Septagon...he's get a horrible first impression of the community if he sees a bunch of stupid threads at the top of the page! The community will crumble if newcomers are getting an uninviting first look at us, I'm worried about our presentation to the rest of the internet. tl;dr:[quote][b]Quantum Echo:[/b]This thread is basically someone getting annoyed that people argue and argue all the time in religious threads and therefore the actual discussion value the topic holds is lost and therefore keeps making the community look bad. He isn't saying that he doesn't like that and he wants them to stop, because the answer and solution there is to hide those threads. But no, the OP hates these threads because a forum discussion shouldn't be a massive argument (It's not even a debate at most times!) and rather be a civilized discussion or conversation on the subject matter. Therefore everybody's happy and nobody is sad or enraged, which is obviously better, you can't deny that unless you're a pessimistic low-life who likes despair.[/quote]



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