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derps079により編集済み: 11/13/2014 9:14:40 PM


Disconnects have been worse than ever for me.


Disconnects have always been this bad for me.


I am in the rare minority and rarely or never D/C.


My category is the first one. It seems to be getting worse as time goes by... Anyone else? I log in to raid, i d/c 3 times in 5 minutes, literally all 5 minutes were just spent trying to load back into the raid. I know lots of people got DC spammed after the last patch, but i have NEVER had d/c spam issues since launch, until just now, today on reset day. Incredibly frustrating. I am usually lead/organizer for my groups too, our usual group speed runs and what shoulda taken us 15 minutes to get past Templar, its been nearly 45 min due to so many disconnects. I just gave up and logged off. This game somehow is killing itself, making people lose the will to keep playing in DROVES. Be it lack of content, no motivation in story, repetitious dailies, repetitious pvp.... most of all NO STABLE SERVERS?!? Dear god. When all is said and done in a 30 min period i D/C'd about 8 times. I have 2x lvl 30 chars and one 29, obviously i play too much and have muscled through many issues like these, but i'm at my whits end. So... how good is CoDAW? Here is a typical day of Destiny for yall::



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