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10/25/2014 8:27:51 PM

The perfect answer.

But when was Halo at its best? I think most would argue that was during Halo 2 or 3, when players all had access to equal weapons that did the same damage, and armor wasn’t even a factor. The game relied on map knowledge, teamwork and skill, and it wasn’t even possible to complain that one item was severely unbalanced over others, considering everyone had access to the same arsenal. Eventually Halo started mirroring Call of Duty more and more, allowing players to choose loadouts of different starting guns and armor perks. Now, we arrive at Destiny where you chose an entire skill tree, four pieces of armor and three weapons before heading into battle. Balance, or at the very least the perception of balance, is gone. I would love if the Crucible multiplayer allowed players to return to the golden age of Halo, running around the map, picking up weapons and fighting over chokepoints and rocket launcher respawns. Relying 100% on a preconceived loadout (you can’t even pick up a dead player’s weapon off the ground anymore) has warped PvP into something else entirely. The larger game suffers because items are limited to prevent skill synergy from stacking too high, but balance problems persist regardless. Now, the best weapon in the game has been neutered, sacrificed on the altar of PvP. That’s sad, and should not be the case. Bungie has a rich history of amazing multiplayer, but I question their philosophy of integrating it so heavily into all the other modes of Destiny. Both PvE and PvP suffer because of it, and it’s something to think about for the long term health of the game. -Paul Tassi,[i] Forbes[/i] This is exactly the issue. Just have your character show up with all your cool armor. and have it be like the PvP of yesteryear was.. and tell Activision to go suck its own head.



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