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Kambultohにより編集済み: 10/15/2014 6:28:04 PM

I am stuck as fire team leader in matchmaking - PS4

Whenever I go to matchmaking for anything, whether it be a strike or crucible match or what, I am ALWAYS made fireteam leader. I don't care if I'm leader and think I might get matched up quicker if I was able to join other random fire teams. I have checked every setting I can find and don't see anything regarding what might be doing this, and the only similar thing I've been able to find is one person complaining about the same problem as a bug that carried over from them playing the beta. I did not play the beta, I've only been playing for a few weeks. I've tried changing my fire team settings to public, friends, invite, and closed, and none of those options affect it. Does anyone have ANY idea if I am doing something wrong or if there's a setting that I've missed somewhere? Or is my character or account bugged and I'll have to hope that enough other people have this problem for Bungie to take a look and fix it?



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