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★ KryptiXGaming ★ 300+ Members ★ ALL Consoles ★

If you have not heard of us already, we are KryptiXGaming. We are a fast-growing, social community of gamers on [b]ALL consoles[/b]! We currently [will] support the following games: [b]Destiny[/b] [b]Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[/b] [b]Halo: The Master Chief Collection[/b] We have a prestigious Raid Team within Destiny and an MLG Game Battles Team for our competitive Call of Duty and Halo players! Our requirements for joining are all listed on our website when you register an account. If you are interested in joining our community, please complete the following steps: [b]1.[/b] Comment on this forum post with your current console and a summary of why you would like to join. [b]2.[/b] "Like" this post. [b]3.[/b] Request to join our community at: [b]4.[/b] Register an account at our Official Website: Thank-you, Guardians, and may the light ever shine in your favor!



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