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1/10/2013 10:34:34 PM

Help regarding linking Microsoft account...

Okay, so as i signed in on the new update - i decided to sign in using the facebook sign in. Fine. This is good for me to start over on bnet after years of hating my name :'). So i went to link my current Gamertag (or Microsoft account) to here. Then i remembered it was already linked to a previous account. I logged in on my linked account on bnet. I go to unlink my microsoft account as to pair it to my new bnet account and it tells me: I cannot unlink an account that i am using. Hmm. I don't see a way of unlinking my microsoft account without logging in. And it appears as though i can't log in without unlinking it! AGHHHH! If anyone could help me, i would be very much appreciative :* Thankssss :D



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