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Destiny について話し合おう
SydneySincereにより編集済み: 10/9/2014 6:25:41 PM

ATTN: Terrible Outbreak in Destiny! Must Read!!!

It's been a wonderful month of becoming legend for all those in our wonderful world of Destiny. However, in my time playing and meeting people, there has been a small outbreak of Elitist Douche-ism. I'm talking about the people that think it means something to rush to 30, or those that think running vault and/or nightfalls is an exclusive thing, or those that beat stuff using cheesy methods. Now, I understand it seems Bungie expects us to "chince" our way through some of this harder content. However, shooting the nightfall boss through a crack in some "secret hole" doesn't mean you can walk around like a know-it-all prick. Most the time those people I'm referring to are not even that skilled and get 0.45 K/D in Crucible. I have a lot of experience with MMORPGs such as WoW and others and as far as I can see, THIS GAME IS NOT HARD OR CHALLENGING AS FAR AS THE ACTUAL MMORPG PART IS CONCERNED! Now, here's my message to all these "try hards" rushing through the game like its milk about to spoil. YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING SPECIAL BY ACTING LIKE A FASCIST PIG!!! The Cure: REMOVE YOUR HEAD FROM YOUR ASS, TURN OFF THE GAME SYSTEM AND GO OUTSIDE!!! In conclusion, I am posting this message in an attempt to enlighten some people that games are here for fun, not for people to create an exclusive "I'm better than you" online society. Play with people, talk to people, help your fellow Guardian, be kind and polite. Video Games are some of the coolest forms of entertainment around, work with me to create an online society that wants to help each other BECOME LEGEND!! Thanks for your time and attention! Game On!!



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