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Transferable Characters.

Yes to transferable Characters.


Don't care to transferable Characters.


No to transferable Characters.


Hey there, I'm currently wondering if in the near future will people be able to transfer their Xbox 360 & PS3 characters onto the next gen console. I've been saving up for a xbox one but wanted to play destiny as it released and had to buy it for 360, I'm just curious as to if it will be made available to transfer your character to xbox one at some point, I've put a load of time into my character and would be disheartened if I'd lose it all for just upgrading to the next gen console, I'm also having to upgrade due to Halo 5 so it saddens me that I'd be punished on destiny for wanting to play your next game for the Halo franchise "which is my soul reason for a xbox one primarily. I'm going to make a poll and see what others think I think it should be allowed as its still the same xbox account on your Xbox one that was on your 360. Leave a comment with your own thoughts as well on this :)



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