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オリジナルの投稿元:Team Bubble
9/29/2014 7:28:18 PM

Raid Organization

Hello all and good afternoon. Sitting at work waiting for some files to download, and was thinking about (of course) Destiny. Our raid on Friday (Saturday?) that we did for Andre/Yakuza was a success, but a bit sloppy. As we begin to advance toward a successful hard raid on the VoG (and its eventual successors), we're going to need to step up our organizational game. Obviously, the entire point of this endeavor is to have fun - if at any point this becomes more work than play, we're doing something wrong. However, part of the fun of the game [i]is[/i] advancement, and so to that end I propose a series of measures (rules/guidelines if you will) to aid in that goal. One more note: obviously we're a friendly clan, and so at this point there is no real "enforcement" on these. They are being proposed for the mutual good of the clan. I am also in no way the final arbiter of these rules, and they are subject to change (or not be implemented at all). The main point of this post is to start a discussion. With all of that in mind, a preliminary list (to be adapted and/or adopted, added to, or subtracted from, by vote, etc of clanmates): 1. Until raid encounters become trivial, party voice communication should be kept to the necessaries. If you're in a distracting situation, please mute/disconnect your mic. 2. I think it'd be a good idea to organize in to "squads" of 2 and 3. Each group/squad would be responsible for a set location. For example, say Adam/Gingy and I were in squad SuperAwesomesauceTheBestest. We are responsible for gate A (bottom/left gate) when we're opening the door to the Vault of Glass. We also cover the left when defending the three confluxes. When there are only two confluxes, we'd split into our 3-man squad ("Heralds of Rupert", or whatever). These squads will obviously change as the situation dictates (squads may be different for the door vs Atheon, for example). The important thing is that people have defined roles. This speeds our progression, as well as simplifying communication. Furthermore, flexibility must be maintained. We should have role/cover backups. Even though it may be Sixx's role to be the relic holder/raid caller (for example), as the raid becomes more trivial we should give others the chance to do this, so that they understand how the mechanics work should Sixx not be present, goes down mid-battle, etc. Any other suggestions? Also, what do you think, am I just making this all too complicated?



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