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9/28/2014 10:42:01 AM

Ub* United

Hi, Newcomers Dudes and Duddettes. UnBeatable has a long history going back to the PS2 days of long nights of frustration and days of honing one's skills at Socom, well until another Socom arises from the ashes we here to reunite in Destiny. UB clan original starting with a couple of family members set out to have a little fun owning people. Ub originally getting it's name form where the Originators (John and Sean) are from Union Beach... the Name was later Changed to UnBeatable as more and more friends and family join. So now it is our time to keep the party going and expand on the Ub name, as of right now we are opening the ranks to all but in the end we only taking the best. So please come join us for some fun, some frustration, but most of welcome to the family UnBeatable Nation OmenX2



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