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TheDrunkenMagiにより編集済み: 9/16/2014 6:06:26 PM

How to Easily get mad loot from the PvP system

Many of the more [i]experienced[/i] players are already using these methods. I'm just sharing with everyone how to easily get Exotic drops and Purple Engram + Blue armor piece rewards from single PvP matches. So first off, you need to be level 20+, because the loot you get at those levels is way better. Now once you're in a Crucible match you need focus on losing. Sound weird? It is, but whenever you win a match the game adds negative modifiers to your loot rewards. While losing adds positive modifiers (probably to encourage bad players to keep doing PvP). To achieve your loss you can't just get 0 kills and a bunch of deaths without ever firing your gun. You're going to have to get at least 1-2 kills and look like you're actually trying and just really really really REALLY (like irredeemably) suck at this game. Your goal is that sweet second from the bottom spot. That's where you get the best rewards. Try aiming at their feet or imagine a circle around their character and shoot at it. Be careful though. The people who have already been exploiting this are [i]pros[/i] and will throw themselves into your gunfire to die and ensure their loss. Does it look like your team will win, despite your best efforts? Just leave the game, there is no penalty for it and it counts as a loss . Though, unfortunately, you don't get loot for leaving a match (literally the only oversight they made to making this a perfect system). So if you ever don't get any rewards for a match, join another match and as soon as it begins leave to improve your chances for the next one. Worried you'll make the one guy on your team, who doesn't know about this exploit and is actually trying out there, angry? Don't, because Bungie saw fit that, unless you partied up with him before, you can't voicechat with them at all. So you'll never have to listen to his complaints. He probably thinks he is actually good at this game and is being held back by his team. Poor fool. Got some nice loot by using the methods above? Post a screenshot below (be sure to censor any names/revealing information). I might post some of my own soon.



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