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9/12/2014 10:47:42 PM

You have lost connection to Destiny Servers.

I have done EVERYTHING to try and fix this. Port forwarding, putting the PS4 into my routers DMZ, disabling my routers firewall.....absolutely everything I can, and I still can't even get past the opening video. I managed to get online for about....30 seconds by hotspotting off my phone's internet, but got disconnected and could not re connect. Bungie, I understand you are trying to do something unique wit the way people interact with each other in Destiny, but you have effectively created a $130 (digital guardian edition) waste of 30gb. I understand some things here are out of your control and out of our control, but the decision to make a game always online needs to come with some research into how many people can or can not actually connect to your game. From what I am reading on the forums, this is not a problem unique to me and it is not a problem that is able to be fixed on our end. PLEASE find a way to deliver your unique experience, without impacting players to this extent. I specifically upgraded to a PS4 and pre-ordered your game in the hopes it was going to be amazing, and from what I hear people saying it is, however myself and many other people are UNABLE TO EXPERIENCE THIS. The least you could do is actually respond on the forums to some of the people who are having issues instead of "We are working on the Universities problems" which is vague, uninformative and quite frankly a cop-out to all of us not on those networks who are having the exact same problems. I hope someone at Bungie reads this, because I know I'm not alone here and I know you can't ignore this problem.



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