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7/28/2014 3:57:14 AM

My Destiny Gush

Hey Bungie here is a short anecdote about my time with Destiny thus far. I pre'd destiny on a whim because I got a 20 dollar discount; played the alpha once and went and cancelled it... the retailer I had it from was overseas from where I live and I didn't want to risk a postal wait! I went to my nearest game retailer (ebgames) and put 129AUD down on the limited edition (no ghosts left!) This is the best first person experience I've had since original halo on the chunky original xbox (wasn't a fan of later releases) and I cannot wait for the midnight launch here in Australia. I have played the alpha and beta for hours till my eyes hurt and drops just don't cut it. Maxed my characters as much as allowed and got my Grimoire score to 740 even though I know it will all be wiped; this is rare for me as I usually don't go this "hard" with something I know will be wiped soon after but damn I love this game, the atmosphere, the lore, the story, the engine and art style just all fits perfectly. You are true artists, writers, musicians and creators regardless of the silly brand wars and console hostility nonsense this is what matters! Thanks Bungie for letting me play both the alpha and beta so I could be aware of this masterpiece and not be stuck waiting on postage and not get the upgraded edition. Thanks for creating this for us.



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