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EndersGaymにより編集済み: 7/19/2014 11:56:40 PM

Waypoint Markers and Distance should be ALWAYS ON

I always have to push the touch pad to display the on-screen waypoint markers during a mission. The waypoint market then disappears after about 15 seconds and I have to continuously push the pad again to display it. By default, the radar always shows an arrow pointing towards my objective, but I find the additional waypoint markers very helpful. ALSO: Distance to the waypoint should also be on display next to the marker, exactly how it displays when you push the touch pad in explore mode to indicate the nearest missions. Knowing the distance to the waypoint makes everything much more intuitive. Just my opinion. I would at least like to see a toggle for these options, if not having them become default. By the way... I freaking love this game already, thank you bungie <3



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