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7/18/2014 1:47:57 PM

Player Collision a bad thing?

While playing destiny last night with a friend I encountered something that is nice in some respect, but incredibly frustrating in another. I will explain multiple instances where this happened and why it frustrated me. 1) I was doing a public event where only him and I were present. A group of fallen were coming at us and I went to throw my warlocks grenade. At precisely that moment, he turned around and instead of going through him where I intended it to go, it hit his head and detonated prematurely. So why does this make me mad? Well its obvious because nothing was hit and I had to wait a couple of minutes now for my grenade to be ready again. Making me less effective in an intense situation. 2) During PvP at the Crucible, I was playing with my friend again and we were capturing an objective. A vehicle comes into the area that a teammate is on, and it just pushes me out of cover and I end up getting sniped. While getting pushed I have absolutely no control over my character. Frustrating but understandable. Other times when maneuvering around a control point with other teammates and bumping into each other causing us to stop moving and ultimately one of us dying is also frustrating, but completely understandable. That sort of goes into the next one though for PvE. 3) While playing PvE I was on foot and my friend was on his sparrow. I saw a loot box hanging off the side of the mountain in a potentially dangerous spot. If I over jumped I would fall off the map and die. So I was being really careful when he comes up and nudges me causing me to fall. Luckily enough for my glide ability, I was able to recover from the fall and get the loot box, but its incredibly frustrating sometimes when the player collision effects you so much. I can understand the need for the same game mechanics for both PvP and PvE however, I personally think there should be more leeway for PvE in this regard since its all about exploring and working together. Certain types of collision should be modified or turned off since there isnt friendly fire anyways. Anyone else agree?



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