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Destiny について話し合おう
Charlemagneにより編集済み: 6/12/2014 8:04:08 PM

If You Want an Alpha Code, Solve This. (Solved)

Solve the following: [quote]WLES,AHLFYNEEAONNLIUOASLCT.[/quote] I only have one code, so the first one who solves it wins. Think of this as your first engram for Destiny. The above cypher is not the Alpha code. I'll give that to the winner. Edit: If this is too hard, I suppose I could give an easier one. Hint 2: All the letters used are the letters of the plaintext. Hint 3: There are no more or less than 25 letters in it. Hint 4: The first letter is W. Hint 5: Simply unscrambling it most likely won't give you the answer. The letters are in that order for a reason. [b]We have a winner. Delvoire solved it. It's: When all else fails, you cannot.[/b] It's a basic 5x5 grid cypher. Read down for plaintext, left to right for cypher. W L E S A H L F Y N E E A O N N L I U O A S L C T So, it would seem that I exchanged one of the letters. My mistake everyone. I'll see if I can do another one if I can get another code later. I'll make sure to spellcheck this time.



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