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4/17/2014 1:09:54 PM
So Halo. What did 343I do wrong with it, what did they do right? WRONG destroyed community by ban happy forum moderation (halo waypoint has 580000 user yet, over the course of nearly two year there have only been a mere 2.8 million posts in total. removed halo arena shooter aspect this need no further information Made Spartans into power rangers by the overuse of single colors on armour(if the body suits were black, contracting with the actually armour, ir would be alot better) Destroyed field control though the over availability of power weapons (there are more power weapons in halo 4, then there are non power weapons) and ordinance system. Now what they did right Graphics, superb work on the existing engines to create the graphically awesome halo 4 motion capture of faces for characters goes hand in hand with the above. and thats all i can think off, how about you guys give us some ideas and what they did good, and what they didn't



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