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Good times on the forums

Pretty creepy I've come to know some of the dudes on this forum so well, I notice when they change their profile pic. [spoiler]Yeah I'm talking about you Toxic Waffle[/spoiler] Some dudes I have seen a lot on this forum(and had some pretty good times with) are [url=!page=index&mid=4207346]Delusor[/url], [url=!page=index&mid=14130]burritosenior[/url],[url=!page=index&mid=4214409] mickey young[/url], of course there is good ol [url=!page=index&mid=3325860]long face[/url] (The officially acknowledged best troll on lol) . Not to mention [url=!page=index&mid=4114690]Toxic Waffle[/url] and already acknowledged USplendid. [spoiler]I knew him before he was cool[/spoiler] Also there is [url=!page=index&mid=3874679]TechnoKat[/url] who I once got into an argument with about splitscreen but that's behind us now.(I hope). Don't forget [url=!page=index&mid=4164143]Jack Lillian[/url](I almost did.)Maybe one of them will be the next community focus. You never know. Had any good times with people on the forums? [spoiler][quote][quote][quote][quote][spoiler][u][i][b][url=!page=index&mid=3916329]Space Beaver[/url][url=!page=index&mid=1172573]Charlemagne[/url][url=!page=index&mid=4221713] JP495[/url][/b][/i][/u][/spoiler][/quote][/quote][/quote][/quote]



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