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Halo Next-Gen Improvement thread

Generally talk about some features you would like to return,added, or be removed in the next games. An overall MP thread in which a lot of arguing is probably going to happen. Here are some things brought up on the subject. [quote] (Andycu5) Personally, I think the most opaque debate is the one about Personal Loadouts and if or if not they should return. I think that they should return, but NOT in their current form. First, make them weapons only. Then, place the DMR, the LightRifle, the Boltshot, and the Plasma Pistol on the map. Additionally, allow these choices: Primary Weapons: Assault Rifle Storm Rifle Battle Rifle Covenant Carbine Secondary Weapons: Magnum Bishop Beam (Cut from H4) SMG Plasma Rifle Also, since we all know that these options lack much substance, obviously more customization is needed. Luckily, we have Weapon Skins which should be expanded on to the point where they're as worthy as customizing armor. [spoiler] Instead of having weapon skins be limited to individual weapons and cluttering the UI with a thousand duplicates of the same weapon, let skins be applied to each gun and be accessible by a menu called 'Customize Weapon'. Furthermore, weapon skins can also be applied to individual parts of the weapon and thus allowing combinations of skins. For example, on your Battle Rifle, you could have the Static Skin on the stock, have the Salvage skin on the grip, the Arctic skin on the body, and the Blast skin applied to the scope.[/spoiler] Many people will say that loadouts add a 'rock-paper-scissors' effect that ruins combat and makes Halo a guessing game, I disagree. While yes, you don't know if your opponent will have an Assault Rifle or a Carbine, what of it? Regardless if you have PLs or not, you're never going to know what your opponent will have. It's always a guessing game, and it's always been a guessing game. [/quote] [quote] (Cosmic OverDose) Things I want back for Halo 5: -HALO THEME -Old Medals -Old SFX -Dual Wielding -SMG -One big open forge map -Ton of custom settings -Firefight -Playable Elites -Old infection -Reach UI -Invasion I have a ton more this is just a few of my top priority ones. My idea for Firefight 3.0 Normal Firefight but more interactive maps, open and close bridges, turrets etc. At the end of every set you have a boss round. Set 1 - Lich Set 2 - Scarab Set 3- War Sphinx? Set 4 - All 3 Perhaps flood/sentinels included in Firefight too?[/quote]



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