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2/24/2014 10:19:34 PM

Petition to reform Halo Waypoint.

I decided to make a new thread for this. [quote]Halo Waypoint was developed by 343 Industries to be known as the central hub of Halo, and welcome in the existing Halo community once maintained by Bungie. However, for years now despite 343i's admirable attempts to be accessible with their games, the Halo Waypoint website and forums are anything but that. Extremely stringent moderation, the eyesore that is the layout, and a lack of intriguing and alluring content are what make Halo Waypoint inaccessible to the large majority of the Halo community. By signing this petition, you are asking that Halo Waypoint be reformed in the following ways: *significantly more-lenient moderation policies *the relinquishment of all permanent bans up to this point *the recognition of feedback to make Halo Waypoint visually more engaging *more appealing front-page content posts More "optional" requests include: *allowing "forum culture" to develop (usually comes with lenient moderation) *creating an off-topic forum *stopping the excessive usage of Silverlight By implementing these things, Halo Waypoint will thrive with activity, and its notorious reputation within the Halo nation will cease to exist. Whether or not you like 343 Industries or their games, you love Halo, and by signing this petition, you can tell Halo Waypoint and its administrators that you want reform for the sake of the community at large.[/quote] You can sign this without publicly-displaying any information, and I made sure to use the best contact information to whom we are petitioning as possible.



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