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Website For All Destiny Clans/Guilds.

It's a [i]Community Website[/i] Created By [b]CloudWolf[/b]. Welcome to the "Clans Of Destiny" I===================================I His ONLY GOAL is to have all the clans from the battlegrounds of Destiny... To have a clean SYSTEM were you will be able to do the following. - CloudWolf "Here's a quick bucket-list of everything we've got planned for Clan Profiles moving forwards: -------- Leave Clan Option Currently, there is no leave clan option. I will add a tab for this in the user settings panel. -------- Applications Manager Clan recruitment is currently open and public. In future, you will be able to moderate all applications and choose whether to accept / deny requests. -------- Preset Clan Graphics Currently, it requires some specific image manipulation knowledge in order to create a custom set of graphics for your clan branding. I'll be implementing an assets library allowing owners who may not have the know-how to customize their profile. -------- Events Calendar A list of upcoming events for the clan and automated alerts reminding players when the date is approaching. -------- Ranks/Regiments The ability for clan officers to assign ranks to players, and place players into sub-groups. -------- Clan Warfare The ability to mark other clans as enemies / allies. -------- Advanced Recruitment Tools Users will have the ability to mark themselves as "looking for clan" which will make them visible to Clans seeking new members. Clans can then forward invites and information to players they think are suitable. We'll be giving options to filter by experience, console, class etc to help Clans Identify those perfect for their clan with minimum hassle. -------- Private Forums Currently, clan forums are public facing. In future, clan leaders will have the ability to make their forum private for clan members only. -------- Leader-boards A few top-clan leader-boards so clans can see how they are performing against rival clans on-site. -------- By all means, please don't hesitate to suggest more features you think the site would benefit" Please Help Him Achieve This Goal. I=======================I [b]Website[/b]: [url][/url] I=======================I [u][b]Join FFS in the battlefield too?![/b][/u] [url][/url] I=======================I THANK ALL OF YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING I=======================I [spoiler] [Pal] or [Me][/spoiler]



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