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Halo reach black spartan on PoA

I know this is really stupid to ask, but I want to know from a bungie member, what is the spartan of the poa for!? Its really killing me, trying to figure out what that is. Please answer!!! Edit! I have examined this spartan for a loooong time ingame, and there are many things i found out about it. 1. It pushes you out of the hangar its in, like it doesn't want to be seen. 2. It has 3 armor addons that members of noble team use, but players cant wear. (such as, emile's true black, Kats default chestplate with a robot arm, and one of Carter's shoulders that are large and have a unsc label on it.) 3. It BREATHES 4. After the cutscene where Emile dies, the spartan disappears. 5. The spartan is in the same hangar where keyes docks. 6. It is insanely protected inside the PoA 7. Someone PMed a bungie member and they said it is there for a reason, and its not supposed to be seen. WHAT IS IT!?



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