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9/25/2013 7:30:30 PM

MORE GTA Online Details!

Some interesting things they bring up.... 1) They've basically confirmed micro-transactions and will be available IMMEDIATELY when the Online launches in a couple of days. 2) It seems like Heists are going to be released in an Update, and NOT available immediately from the get-go. Now personally, I don't think Micro-transactions are going to break this game. A lot of people do but, to me at least, all the fun and activities in this game are built around making money. Heists on the other hand... I'm not sure if I like them releasing something, they've been toting as one of the big features of the multiplayer, sometime later without even a release date. I'm still super-stoked for the Online, and I trust Rockstar and I have a gut feeling they're gonna pull off something real special with this. So Flood, how do you guys feel about this new information about GTA Online?



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