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Nataliaにより編集済み: 9/16/2013 2:45:16 PM

This is Progo, why am I banned, eh?

(this belongs in #community, hear me out) So this is Progo speaking, I hate to have to blow this alt's cover, but it was going to be obvious eventually. I got banned for 5 days [offensive content] because I saw a stupid thread in #Destiny, it was about how Destiny will fail since it is unoriginal. I responded with the dryness that is best used in such situations: "OP is either grossly ignorant or a failed troll, neither is a good thing" Bam, 5 days for posting offensive content. I did not violate the TOS, Code of Conduct, or post any nasty pictures. Honestly this would have never happened with the ninja's, the automated system just isn't the way to go when dealing with people who are contributing members of this site. The reason why I am posting this in #community is because it's not a technical or support issue, I am having an issue with the way Bungie is managing their loving community, I've been here for about 3 years, posted some stupid stuff, posted some great stuff, spent dozens of hours on fan art and speculation threads, hell, I even sent Bungie a Christmas card. All of that to have their giant robotic banhammer kick my butt out of the forums for a week. (a small matter, really, but crushing for a member who has never gotten more than a warning on B.old) The bizarre thing is that yesterday I was wondering what will happen when very active members of the community (ie. me) put enough comments in enough places that eventually they get targeted by a troll group, who all click report like maniacs, or just the 2% who are haters and click report as well, then Boom! An upright member of the community is banned without good reason by a system that was made for good, but has been overcome by evil. Little did I know it was going to happen to me within 24 hours... :| Please reconsider the system, or at least repeal my ban, PermeableProgo. NOTE I talked with Foman and I have sent a PM to DeeJ, but I still want to post this so other community members can be warned. UPDATE: Butane says he's contacted the web team. Apparently someone still has to press the "ban" button, which means that I got banned for posting "OP is either grossly ignorant or a failed troll, neither is a good thing" which is strange since DeeJ has said that we gamers are a passionate bunch, so either I got carpet banned or someone figured I needed a break. But how is it that my cynical post got banned, while I still see people saying "die -blam!-"? (seriously, I received a death threat from Secular Sevens because they didn't like my take on their logic, none of them are banned as far as I know) Somethings a wee bit off, webteam, please fix it. Or just bring back warnings.



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