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8/13/2013 3:02:50 AM

343 Industries is just a CoD Copier

[url=]Halo 4 is an obvious CoD clone. The developers clearly had no original thoughts during the creation of the game. All 343 can do is steal. How many 343 employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 2401 right? XD[/url] [url=]These people put no passion into their game. Unlike Bungie, who are reinventing the goddamn wheel, engine, and car at the same time. There is so much amazing material that Bungie makes that I find it hard to select what to masturbate to in the morning.[/url] [url=]What kind of idiot likes Halo 4? There is nothing to like. No, from the stupid "character development" thing they have going on to the "integration with outside material combining with the game to form a ridiculously large scale story" everything they do seems to just destroy their reputation.[/url] [url=]I mean, you've got to be an idiot to like their work. They're all just simply CoD cloners. As another member on the site beautifully put it : "Dear 343, I hate your guts and wish you die...all of ruined my childhood and my favorite game all because you suck to much male genitalia so please coordinate a plan crashing into each one of your homes and just die."[/url] [url=]This has been my rant on Halo (Halol 4). I hope you guys like it. I love this forum because whenever someone mentions their positive thoughts about Halo 4/a 343 project and defends their stance, they are immediately regarded as the scum of this Earth, or, to quote a member of these forums again, they are assumed to be "blind, deaf, mute and thrown against a wall as a child with a catapult."[/url] [url=]Don't worry guys, Halo hasn't got long, surely it'll die out when Destiny comes around. I mean, it's not like it has anything going for it anymore.[/url]



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