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3/26/2013 9:25:31 PM

Marble Hornets

[u][b]*****Possible Spoilers!*****[/b][/u] I would like to re-start the official non official marble hornets thread. If i'm not mistaken, it was lost after the storm. So, marble hornets is basically a real-life slenderman documentary following the foot steps of Jay, a normal man who gets caught up in an un-finished school film and runs across the path of some rather creepy things... So here it goes, marble hornets videos are released on youtube [url=]here[/url] at random intervals. Please comment and discuss the latest episodes. The last entry is 68. I know this isnt much of a thread yet, but i hope it grows. If you are new to the Marble Hornets, i highly suggest watching from the beginning.



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