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Arma III highly descriptive trailer

I watched it and I am outright sold on this game, I can just tell I'm going to love it! The video is an 8 minute community-made trailer about the features of the game. It's honest, detailed, understandable, and to the point. The Alpha comes with: [spoiler]STRATIS 20 KM2 3 FACTIONS 8 VEHICLES 12 WEAPONS WEAPON ATTACHMENTS CUSTOMIZABLE GEAR 4 SINGLEPLAYER SHOWCASES SCENARIO EDITOR (FULL) 2 MULTIPLAYER SCENARIOS MODDING - ARMA 3 ALPHA ARMA 3 BETA ARMA 3 FULL GAME - 3 ALPHA LITE INVITES (Note that that free invites do not contain multiplayer, modding, or a full scenario editor.) [url][/url][/spoiler] (Discuss ArmAIII)



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