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What should my argumentative English Essay be about?

Alright Flood, I am now entrusting you with my English essay topic, pics will posted at the end of the week once it is completed. I will now list my options(personal choices) and their difficulty. The subject will be chosen based on how many replies I get for that subject, one reply=one point. Though, private messages will give two points a message. Another topic being posted for this subject for the subject you want, is 3 points. -Gun Control(either side, you choose/not difficult, though recent events may complicate this) -Religion in Schools(argue against both sides for a moderate option/not difficult) -Women in Combat(For females in combat/somewhat difficult) -Vegetarianism(either side, you choose/somewhat difficult) -Cannabis Legalization(for legalization/somewhat difficult) -US Iraq War(for Iraq war/difficult) -Abortion(for in certain scenarios/difficult) -Government alignment, good/bad(Either side/very difficult if anything but moderate) -The Earth is actually Flat, not round(For the flat earth, this is basically just a test to see how good my skills are in writing about controversial subjects in an attempt to prove myself correct, I do not actually believe the earth is flat/Extremely, God Tier Difficult, Mythic, Dark Souls grade hard, though, I do love a challenge)



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