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1/22/2013 4:55:59 PM

Games motivated me to work out

Yeah I know it is quite odd...almost oxymoronic. But that's what happened for me. I used to play games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Spyro, and Crash. These characters were all either super-human or mythical creatures, and their feats and abilities were innate to them. You can never train hard enough to be able to teleport or shoot hellfire out of your mouth like Scorpion. BUT you could learn how to flip, fight, and beat the shit out people like him if you REALLY applied yourself. But I seriously started working out after Halo 2 came out. I don't know what it was, and I'm not exactly sure why, but something clicked and, I being 13, wanted to be like Master Chief lol. I was 13 and was quite overweight like 160 lbs. I hated my physical ineptitude. I didn't even lift. And I thought WTF am I doing wishing to be awesome, I have to do something to get there. I didn't have any role models for fittness, or family members to help or guide me to be quite honest. My younger brother could give less of a shit about fittness, HE'S 10 lol. My parents were seriously overweight at the guessed it role model = MC117 and Scorpion lol. I did push-ups everyday, did weighted squats by putting all my textbooks in my backpack, and I quit eating chips and candy. My mom would ask if I wanted ice cream, and I'd say no. She thought eating good food was good for the soul. And I replied: [url=]"Tell that to Diabeetus" [/url]. I eventually bought weights with my god damn birthday money, started going to Kung Fu classes, and ended up motivating my brother to workout with me. But I still haven't met my goal yet, I weight 160 lbs but now I'm 5'10, not 5'5 like my 13 yr old self, I can run for miles, [url=]I can do this now lol[/url], and hell yes do I lift. But I'm not strong enough or fast enough to reach my goal yet, I may never make it to the level of a ninja or MC 117, But they sure as hell got me close. I think Bungie created a superb hero, John 117, he was strong, intelligent, a leader, fast, selfless, a true hero. But what motivated me the most was that he was a human without that MJOLINIR suit. Without that suit he would perform like a human, yes he was augmented, but he wouldn't be where he was without dedication and a commitment to humanity to be the best he can possibly be. I made that commitment after realizing all of this too, back when I was 13. Be the best you can be and represent humanity with your hard work and dedication.



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