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1/17/2013 9:49:59 PM

Being banned is now automated?

[quote][b]MeechVII:[/b] The first fella I PMed was Recon. Here's the reply I received. [quote]We ninja have no ability to look at, set, alter, remove or assign bans. They are automated and completely outside of our view/control.[/quote] I'm not entirely sure what purpose the moderators now serve, but banning you isn't one of them. Since the ninjas couldn't help, I decided I'd roll the dice on getting something back from Achronos or Deej. Much to my surprise, Achronos responded. [quote]I believe you got either a notification or a private message from the system about it. Looks like you're banned until Jan 17 2013 at 2:35:17 AM for posting something more than a few users reported for Adult Content.[/quote] So, it seems that my not receiving a notification(I double checked) was a bug. Most irritatingly, it also seems we are now banned by the mob. It's worth noting that while certainly in poor taste, there was nothing in the thread that was in any way pornographic. So, if you decide to go in the mains, watch yourself. If you piss enough folks off, you're gonna be taking a break from B.Next for a bit. Perhaps this is all common knowledge by now, but I sure as -blam!- didn't know it.[/quote] According to this, we get banned from the mob?! Please tell me this isn't true. People could just troll with alts and ban people for the lulz. And if Bungie puts in titles once again (which they will), then people could ban Mythix from their rightful title! We thought we were out of the darkness...we were deceived...



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