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6/24/2024 6:31:25 PM

Xûr buff for strange coins is only claimable on one character, and seems to be only active for that one as well

I would expect the buff to either be: 1. Claimable once, but applies to your account (aka all characters) 2. Claimable per character But it seems we got the third option: 3. Claimable once, only applies to that character Is this by design? Or is this a UI error? I claimed the buff on my Warlock, I can see the buff "Stranger Favor" on my Warlock in his character sheet. On my Hunter, I have no such buff, but if I visit Xûr, the buff icon says "Already claimed this week". So is the buff (supposed to be...) * Per-account? In which case the icon does not show up on the other characters, and so I do not know if it actually applies to those characters * Per-character? In which case, wouldn't it be slightly nicer to be able to claim it on those other characters? * Only claimable on your "main" (which would probably be a first in Destiny 2, so I rather doubt this was the intent) Please clarify the expected behavior here.
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