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Robme Blindにより編集済み: 6/24/2024 12:50:39 AM

Trials rank up engrams/ rewards not dropping

I keep posting hopeing soem one will fix this. I stipped recieving Engrams at rank 3 and I am now rank 12. I should have gotten 9 more engrams i didntt get. I also cannoit claim any rank up rewards from Saint 14. It says "rank 7 is requred" but im rank 12. Please fix this Bungie. I will keep posting this again and again until i see Bungie do someting about it. i can confirm a way to break this bug and get rewards. If you get your 7 wins and a rank up it will make them all drop and even give other rank up rewards from sasint 14 as well. bungie still needs to fix this.



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