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6/19/2024 4:08:12 AM

Another Idea for a Warlock Stasis Exotic (and the problem with it)

1. Penumbral Blast creates a Stasis crystal on contact with a surface or an enemy (surface contact uses Glacier Grenade logic to work on walls and ceilings but just for a single crystal instead, enemy contact uses Headstone logic). 2. Melees deal increased damage to Stasis crystals and frozen enemies (melees should instantly break Stasis crystals) and shattering a Stasis crystal or frozen enemy with a melee increases the shatter damage (frozen Guardians very close to a single Stasis crystal that is destroyed by a melee should immediately shatter in most circumstances unless they are simply too far away). 3. (optional) Damaging targets with shatter damage from Stasis crystals or frozen enemies generates a small amount of melee energy (entertaining the idea for Warlocks having more non-weapon options for generating melee energy). The problem: Winter's Guile exists. While Winter's Guile is pretty situational in most cases and is usually considered to be a worse version of Wormgod's Caress for Warlocks, its one effect that does not require melee kills that just works from the get-go is allowing Penumbral Blast to immediately cause the targets it freezes to shatter. It's probably at its best on a Stasis subclass because of that unless you can really make a Solar or Prismatic build work with it. If an idea like this post came to be, that would make two exotics that would work passively around Penumbral Blast, which is a tiny bit excessive, and most people would probably only gravitate to one of the options. It would probably still depend on player preference and their builds, but it's like choosing between Felwinter's Helm and Mataidoxia, which I understand is still a debate to some people, including me though I do see the appeal of both in that regard. In this case though, I believe it would be even harder to sell them both due to Penumbral Blast's involvement in both unless you just don't like Winter's Guile, which I don't. If I'm not running Devour in PvE, Restoration in PvE, or Penumbral Blast in PvP, I'm not running Winter's Guile. Just tossing it out there. Maybe this idea is just too late.



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