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6/13/2024 7:13:16 PM

Issues/Bugs I've Encountered In The Final Shape

-Taken grenades are no longer shootable -Ghost Vendor showing inaccurate upgrade descriptions. For example, On the red border upgrade it says it requires Unlocking 2 or more weapons in collections for red border focus (actually needs 4) and Engram Stockpile upgrade Ghost Rank 10 or above (not sure what rank unlocks this but I am on 10 now and it's still locked, attached pic). -Pathfinder nodes do not track in your Tracked Objective Screen or on your character when you pull up ghost -Drifter's notification icon is blinking in the tower but has nothing -Riposte Auto Rifle is bugged and is only dropping ONE specific roll this week for all characters -Character screen is now darker while on light subclasses in comparison to before Final Shape launch



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