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Destiny 2

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6/8/2024 11:47:35 PM

10 Years of Gratitude

Hey y’all With The Witness excised from Sol, we’ve reached the end of our Guardians’ journey, a journey made known from a chance sum of seconds that miraculously coalesces into memory, a journey at times exhilarating, at times tedious, at times dizzying in its joy and disappointment and the whiplash in between. We’ve pulled all nighters; we’ve woken up before dawn; we’ve laughed ourselves blue in the face; we’ve been tilted out of our minds; we’ve learned patience; we’ve realized our strengths and shortcomings; we’ve met, made, and lost more friends than we could have imagined; we’ve surprised ourselves; we’ve grown. Looking back on my experiences with Destiny, more than digital accomplishments and fond memories, I am in awe at how much life can happen in ten years. I was in middle school when I found this game, and before I knew it I graduated high school and then college thereafter. In the best times and worst times, through every period of doubt and failure, in the lifetime that now separates the child I was and the person I am, this game has been a constant. You never realize in the moment how an experience will change you. It’s only in retrospect that the past becomes imbued with significance. Destiny, and the thousands of hours I spent in its universe, has helped me realize who I am - in ways both large and small. And for that I will always hold this game close. Now, as my life continues to change and I continue to pursue my personal ambitions, my own journey with this game is nearing its end. Come the end of June, I will retire my title as a Guardian. Let this be the final tale of: Delia Cloudheart, Striker Titan, Discerptor (Human) Romulus-2.22, Stormcaller Warlock, Unbroken (Exo) Ili the Mistwraith, Gunslinger Hunter, Cursebreaker (Awoken) It’s been a privilege, y’all. Peace. <3 kaaphro



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