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BrumBrumにより編集済み: 6/5/2024 2:23:56 PM

Shadow/lightning textures disappearing. Bug Report PS5

For a long time I've experienced shadows/lightning textures disappearing from the game. It is mostly noticeable in areas with a darker aesthetic like the Vow of the Disciple or Kings Fall raids. It will also make the Prophecy dungeon unplayable since it relies on dark and light areas. I can easily reproduce it at the Caretaker encounter by just walking from the raid banner towards the door that starts the encounter. The provided video is from the first mission of the Final Shape campaign where i can easily can trigger the bug on and off by just taking a step forward or backwards. It happens so often that i cant really tell anymore if the game design is just getting more "washed out" color/lightwise as time goes by or if the bug is triggered. Its almost the default state of my game nowadays.



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