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5/19/2024 6:15:13 AM

Star Command is recruiting [18+] [All Platforms] [UK/EU]

Join the Star Command, a new clan! Looking for Guardians who are serious about conquering endgame PvE content! -Requirements: · Must be 18+ · Active Discord user · Passionate about endgame PvE activities -What we have to offer: · Raids and Teaching · Dungeons · Grandmaster Nightfall' · Exotic Missions · Seasonal Content · Titles / Triumphs · Trials, Comp & Iron Banner · Day 1 raids -Rule to the Discord: · Harassment will not be tolerated, verbal or text · No political, religious, Racist, -blam!- or otherwise agitative comments · We are adults respect one another · UK/EU server, others can join but must be able to partake In events -How to join: · Join our server & accept the rules · Register to Charlemagne in charlemagne-register to gain access to public channels (if you already have the registered user server role this step can be skipped) · Request to join the clan to gain access to the public pages If you're looking to conquer the toughest PvE content, our clan is the perfect place for you. We're committed to honing our skills, learning from one another, and achieving epic victories in the world of Destiny. Ready to Join the Ranks? Drop us a message on Discord and let's tackle endgame content together! Discord Invite Link:



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