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5/19/2024 8:49:54 AM

Exotic Class Heavy Idea

Titan: Solar Axe styled after iron banner axe: heavy attack is based on location. If you're in the air it's a heavy slam and on the ground it's a spin. When you guard a ward protects the user (does work with strongholds) and base the stats on crown splitter but increase impact to like 90 and can max to 100 when fully upgraded. Hunter: strand bowstaff (like arcstrider) very high ammo count with a somewhat low impact. Light attack is a spinning whirl that hits extremely fast, heavy attack is an uppercut leading to a midair spin finishing with a slam. Guarding is similar to arc staff block but not as strong of course. Warlock: mage staff using element of super (they are space wizards after all) light attack is a small bolt of chosen element and the heavy attack launches a storm of that element that lingers for a short time (like the exotic arc sword from destiny 1) and when you use your jump it extends the distance you can go while consuming ammo the farther you go. Guarding provides a ward bubble that surrounds the user. All blocks consume heavy attack energy like it currently does. I hope bungie sees this I would absolutely use these and I don't feel like it'll be too powerful. What do you guys think?



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