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5/17/2024 3:59:15 AM

The Roars of Dawn looking 4 humble NT adults

Are you an adult 21+ are you sick or having to use fire team finder . Only to be denied, every time you join. Or sick of reading must have 100 clears ? Or exp only? Maybe you are just sick of drudging through Disgusting, -blam!- scene names, some times racist, -blam!-, perverted . Sick of a toxic community filled with men babies and teenagers. Who talk your ear off about nothing. Or brag about oh... Nothing , then maybe this is the place for you you will get none of that here. What you will get is a family of people who will help when they can , if they can. As long as your willing to put in the time. And comit to being your best self. That means putting armor mods on oh.... Idk ARMOR! That actually protects you from things. That means that means excepting advice from vets . Who are just trying to help. Maybe fill you in if you are new. We by no means force people to Run certain weapons. Or armor. But if your asking for help in high end content and you keep dying. Your wasting both or times . If that happens and we see you are equipped wrong. We will politely offer up advice. you don't need to follow the advice. But if you continue to fail after that you will be removed from activity. And maybe black listed meaning.blocked from playing with certain members . There is a write and wrong way to play. Don't let your pride stop you from becoming a better Gamer. We all take pride in our team. And in our freedom. Right now my raid guy is out. Had some Sherpas . But they stopped playing a while back. Due to lack of real content . So looking to grow the admin team. But you would have to prove your self over time. I'm not a huge raider. Definitely not good with explaining . As you might have guessed by this post. I'm looking for some one to help set up a Discord and to Run it. And he'll grow the clan . We have a lot of lone Wolf type in the clan . Don't like being bothered prefer fire team finder . Cable of handling your own Business. That's all well and good we will not kick you for saying No! If you don't like to be bothered that's fine. Maybe you are just looking for clan rewards. Or a COOL Clan name. That's all right as long as you put in some time here and there. We see that you have played . And above all ELSE you RESPECT people's time! People's RACE, -blam!-, Religion and self . You will be a Great fit. No don't allow any kind of -blam!- chat or jokes especially if your in a party with a female member. Let's NOT Be stereotypical GAMER CREEPS OK!!!!?? it's usually the teens but I'm Sad to say A lot of the Time it's Adults. Don't join then go through the rosters complaining and or advising me or any other admins on who should get deleted. That is not your Place or decision!!! If that's the type of cat you are DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! If you are a chill none toxic gamer trying to enjoy Destiny. Hopefully meet some people you can enjoy hopping on line with. Be that for raids pvp, gambit, or just campaign stuff. And your hopping to build a solid community Join the Roars of Dawn! Help us build , invite other players you meet. As long as you think they fit the model. If they turn out to be toxic , rude , creeps they will be removed . And you will be removed for inviting them . I know a lot of adults have jobs, kids, lives and they wanna get the most out of the time they have on line. We wanna be able to help . But you cant be toxic. Don't get online like I have 20 min till I have to go to work can we fit in a raid??? With no 🎙️ mic at that 😂 There are rules to the game. Be Courteous message a member if you need something Don't spam them invites. Adults use their words. I'm From Cali, we have members from all over . All on at all different times. If you are in a certain time zone. We can set something up. Or you can work on finding more people from your time zone to bring into the clan. We encourage that. This clan has been around since launch. It's not going any where. I wanna grow it. I want to set up a discord and end up linking up with other clans. But we are not their yet maybe you can help..the roars of Dawn come run with the pride



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